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My Street and Trackday build 1.5T

Here is my street and trackday build for civic 1.5T MT.
As we know not many parts available for our car, some just need to modify and put it


FA1 Tein monoflex + swift spring

Front using some E class spring don't know which model lol

Wheel and Tires
AD08R + Aspec 18 x 8.5 Forge wheel


AP Pro 5000R + 355 disc + Race brake pad from my EVO9 used

Wheel nuts
Titanium wheel nuts

Middle to end stright pipe from Aspec


Defi turbo meter

Dyno Test

98 octane pump gas. boost 24 psi.
The turbo cut off 25 psi, I think reach the limit of turbo can't push more. Will check in this weekend after change front pipe see what result we will get.

Test drive

Boost 22 psi (1.5 bar)

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