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Is it doing what my car was doing?

This is from my introduction post:

Annnnd then, 23 days into ownership of my car, it's getting towed away because it wouldn't start LOL. The Eletronic parking brakes locked up the rear and we couldn't get it out of park so all the wheels are locked up lol, so that's why they have to lift the whole car up to tow. They initially had the first tow truck out but couldn't tow my car, this was the second tow truck.

And this is what happened when I went to start my car Click on the image for video.

My Dash Cam captured all the action at the Honda Service Bay, I edited to the part where they got my car started =) Click image for video

They found out the problem was, He said there was a problem with one of the sensors, there might of been an issue with the programming initially which is why that sensor malfunctioned. The tech reprogrammed it and it seems to be working fine now. =)[/QUOTE]
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