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Originally Posted by 4Tires View Post
Wow, second time in the span of a month. wonder if there's a problem with a certain batch of civics. Is yours a coupe too?
I just bought a 2016 EX-L sedan last night. I drove it around 10 miles (it had 200 miles on it) and then stopped somewhere for a while and then it would not start. It did the same thing as in the video above. It kept saying there were system errors with the brakes, VCA, emissions, and a few other things. I called my salesman and he thought I had just locked the parking brake but that was definitely not it. Honda sent a flatbed out to tow it to dealer which was an ordeal in itself because of how low the car is to the ground (have flatbed drivers load it front first). Sucks for this happen the day I bought it! Luckily my wife had driven separately to where we were so I was not stranded. They are looking at it now. I'll post an update once there is a diagnosis and fix. The remote start also would not work.

UPDATE: The dealer is saying that the battery was totally dead and a full charge fixed it. I'm not sure I buy that since I had just driven it 10 or so miles and everything worked fine and when I went to start it every accessory worked including AC and moonroof. I did get the 8 year/120K plantinum warranty for $1k so I have that piece of mind. I'm pretty sure this car will be back in for the same problem.

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