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I believe most folks don't realize there's a difference between summer blend and winter blend gas. Gas mileage always goes up with summer blend. Also the EPA does their testing with ethanol free gas. Depending on where you live, it's readily available. Non ethanol gas normal increases mileage by 2 or 3 mpg.
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I'm in week 8 with my '16 LX sedan (manual) and have just over 5000 miles. I've been getting 33-34 mpg (overall trip for the full mileage shows ~33.6mpg). I do mostly highway driving but am usually able to set my cruise between 75 and 80. I'm not light footed when it comes to getting on and off the highway and most of my drive has up and down elevation changes. When I can get a nice flat stretch it looks like cruise just under 80mph would be ~38mpg according to the fuel gauge. Hoping to see some better numbers on a couple long road trips this summer into flatter territory.
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I have been keeping track of my milage on my work laptop. I can update specifics later. I believe that I am on my 8 or 9th full Tank with two small fill ups between. If I recall correctly my first two tanks were in the upper 30's of overall MPG. After that, it steadily raised and averaged 42 then 47 mpg. My best overall tank averages were 50.7 and 52.5. Both of these are the computer ratings and were off by 1.8 mpg (higher) from actual. The 50.7 involved a lot of Hyper driving while the 52.5 was placed in ECO mode, no hyper driving but top speed was limited to 65 on the interstate. My daily commute consists of 62 miles one way. 42 is Highway while the remaining 20 is city. The biggest affect that I have seen has been in the City driving. Eco mode is quite helpful but the true trick is knowing the sweet spots for the CVT. 45 to 60 mpg will reap huge rewards in MPG. Learning to avoid stop and go traffic along with changing driving patterns to hit this range is very helpful. However, I will note that using two hypermile techniques can easily give you 42 to 47 mpg in city driving. 1. keep your feet off the brake. If you are the individual that constantly is covering the brake you will not only annoy the drivers behind you but loose efficiency. 2. Keep your foot at a constant throttle. What ever the speed, if you keep the throttle constant your using and wasting less kinetic energy. This was my biggest change. I use to be very erratic. Trying this out made my city commutes of 5 to 7 miles go from mid 20s to mid 40s. I also discovered that the heavy throttle to get up to speed (even with the Turbo kicking in) had less impact than maintaining your speed once it was reached. My apologies for the novel. Take care and it is a pleasure being introduced to this forum.
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Welcome to the forum! I'm not as efficient a driver as you so I'll probably never see those fuel numbers. Do you stay in Eco mode in the city?
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Thanks for the welcome 4Tires. I have used the Eco mode quite often. Two of the tanks that averaged over 50 mpg were entirely on Eco with being diligent about my driving. My Interstate driving was kept at 65 for most of the trips with the exception to one or two days I was in a hurry. The past couple of weeks I have only used the Eco on the Interstate Drives and have placed the car in Sport mode for my city commutes. I have been averaging 45 mpg and 47 mpg on these tanks. Forgive me for asking but what is the best method to post images? I have not seen a attachment option.
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For us manual drivers, as a comparison:

Best drive (one trip): 5.3L/100 (53 mpg)
Avg tank: 8.0L/100 (35 mpg)
Best tank: 7.4L/100 (38 mpg)

I'm about 80:20 local to highway driving. ECO mode is always on.
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2016 civic fuelly.com > in your browser, is a graphing of 200 cars tracked 750,000 miles.
Shows 35.1 avg. with more available to the light footed. (strong right side of graph)
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Mine is 38mpg combined~!!! Not in an eco mode...
2016 Civic ex-t

Just a normal everyday driver....
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Best tank I've gotten on my Touring was 5.6 L/100km calculated (42 US MPG), with 90% highway and 10% city. My worst tank was 6.2 L/100km, which was about 60% highway and 30% city with lots of stop and go. I'm not light on the gas pedal either.

My 2013 Accord V6, on a good tank would get 29 US MPG 90% highway driving. If I did 50/50, I'd be in the low 20's. Such a huge difference going to the civic.
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I did an interesting experiment. I drove a 4-lane highway where the altitude changes from 1554' to 2640' over 5.6 miles per Google Earth. Total round trip=11.2 miles. I reset the trip meter at the beginning of the pass up and down and maintained 65 to 70 mph over the 5.6 miles each way, then checked the mpg at the end of each up/down pass. Average mpg going up was 21.2. Average going down was 134. Round trip average was 77.6 mpg. Going down was coasting with foot off the throttle most of the time. It appears the fuel is shut off, or nearly so while coasting. I was in Econ mode, AC on and sunroof tilted. 2016 EX 2.0L.

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