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Originally Posted by Smith View Post
6-Speed Manual transmission availability with ONLY the base model LX sedan is what I hate
Amen to that!

I was at Honda yesterday to service my 2007 Fit, and they had one '16 Civic in the showroom -- a black LX with auto trans. Overall I liked it very much, though I won't get the sedan (waiting for hatchback). There wasn't as much headroom front or rear as my Fit, and my hair was brushing the roof in back (I'm 6'-1"). The cockpit was very nice except the 4.5" touchscreen. All other trims get the 7" screen with CarPlay, so why punish LX buyers? When you're already paying $18k+ for a car, adding a couple $hundred for the infotainment system won't change the equation much -- except maybe to send potential buyers to a competing brand rather than settle for the substandard 4.5.
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