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Red face Moving up from 7th to a 10th Generation Civic

I currently have a 2002 Civic EX Coupe, it has been an amazing car, but it is time for it to move to someone else. I love the car and was immediately thinking of buying a used 2016-2017 EX-T or higher, I was going to try and get one that had Honda Sensing along with the Lanewatch. Does this help or distract? When I initially started to do research on this generation of 2016 + Honda Civic Coupe, the reviews were disappointing. I wanted to find out how it fares in the real world. What are some areas I should look out for in these cars, make sure it installed etc? Does the turbo cause problems? What is unnecessary? I need to buy something that will last a long time, have nominal mechanical problems and drive nice like my current Honda. I will always have a mechanic go over the car, however that said I had 2 shops check out at my current Civic before I bought it and neither spotted that it had a ton of bondo on it, no accidents on carfax. I found out when I got the key flob made and they took off the door. I was livid. I am so grateful my little ole gal is as reliable as she is regardless. Any advice on this generation would be gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks!

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Are you looking to get a manual or CVT car?
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IMHO, the 10th gen Civic is a good buy. I noticed that it doesn't depreciate as quickly as other makes so buying used may not save you a lot compared to new.

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I had a 2017 EX-T Hatch and I currently have a 2019 EX-T Sedan. When I bought the 2017 the Sensing was a $1,000 option and could be installed by the dealer; I said no to that and drove that car for two years and 39,000 miles and didn't miss it a bit.

Now I have the 2019 Sedan. Sensing became standard equipment for 2019 and I now have it and pretty much wish I didn't. Here is a rundown of what this gets you:

Adaptive Cruise Control: Not the worst thing in the world but it is less than gentle. It has 5 distance choices and the smallest is barely appropriate, the larger ranges are silly. When the ACC feels that you're getting too close it doesn't just ease off the throttle, it brakes, often quite hard. The system often confuses what car is in what lane if the road isn't perfectly straight (and it's worse when it's dark outside) and when it's not sure of something it errs on the side of caution and brakes, often quite hard. Not a good situation on the freeway sometimes.

Lane Mitigation: So this is supposed to keep me from crossing out of my lane? Ah. . . Seriously though, it gets confused about the lines on the road, especially when there's a fog line for a departure lane or entry lane. It will sound the warning and shake the steering wheel at you and generally be annoying, and pretty much all of the time. Like all of the sensing bits that are camera dependent, all of the issues are worse when ti's dark or the weather is inclement. I have this feature turned off.

Lane Guidance: Ahhh. . . So if i engage the ACC and lane guidance, I basically have an auto-pilot? Yes, but not a good one! The lane guidance does what it's supposed to and basically drives the car in a lane (though you have to keep your hand resting on the wheel - the car's torque input sensor is sensitive enough to know when you aren't!), though it seems to wander from side to side looking for the limits. It's not bad, and it's not dangerous, but it is a little annoying. Fortunately, this feature is easily toggled on/off right from the steering wheel and I personally have only used it 5 or 6 times in the four months I've owned the car.

Collision Avoidance: 99.8% of the time this will consist of an annoying orange bar which fills the display reading "BRAKE" when the car thinks you're getting too close to another car. Not the worst thing in the world but it can get a little (a lot) annoying. 0.1% of the time it will trigger when you're already braking really hard to avoid a collision and the brake pedal will drop half way to the floor while you're pressing it, and that **** will freak you out the first time it happens. The other 0.1% of the time it will actually engage when it's needed and help to prevent a collision. I've only had this happen once; jerk raced past me on my right, cut in front of me about ten feet from my front bumper, braked hard and made a left hand turn, all at about 40 mph. The car cut the throttle and applied the brakes - HARD - and prevented what would most likely have been an accident. It was that moment when I thought that the Honda Sensing wasn't a total POS, but still. . .

Overall impression? As it's a standard feature on the Sport Touring for all years, and standard on the 2019 EX-T and up trims it's pretty okay. If I were looking at two otherwise identical used cars on a lot and they were trying to charge $3.00 more for the one with sensing I would save the three bucks and choose the one without. My advice to the OP: if, in your shopping, you come across a car which has it then good for you! Don't pay more for the car because it's there, but I wouldn't decline the car because it has the sensing either. I would not, however, let having sensing be part of my purchasing criteria. If you buy a car which doesn't have it you really aren't missing out much, if anything.

This was my $0.02


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