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Originally Posted by Mannup93 View Post
I have never heard about 50K miles being the end of the line for the CVT in Hondas. I think with proper maintenance and if you don't beat the CVT up daily you should be good pass 50k and into 100k. I'm sure at some point the belt on the CVT will have to be replaced but i don't think the whole system will have to.
AFAIK, the belt/chain in the CVT can not be replaced at a dealership as the process requires jigs & fixtures that they don't have. If the belt fails, it's a remove and replace with a new transaxle. That said, the belt/chain is the least likely part to fail in this transmission. I haven't looked at the OM for this car yet, but if there isn't a maintenance item listed for the CVT, I bet you have nothing to worry about. The old 5AT doesn't have a maintenance item for it, until the MM calls for servicing it.

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