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Civic EX-T
Lunar Silver
2016 Honda Civic EX-T (Lunar Silver)


1. To agree on deal, dealership toss in Honda Civic All Weather mats
2. Added some easy to install interior floor lighting (blue in color) that plugs into Aux power for now. I am planning to tap into a fuse sometime in the future
3. Carbon fiber the center console and cover the passenger airbag warning light
4. Replaced the cloth center console armrest and the two side center armrest directly from Honda parts
5. Thought about replacing the armrest for the door panels with Honda but the cost for 4 armrest would be over $600.00. Not worth it to me, so I went to Hobby lobby and bought leatherette/vinyl and did it myself (total cost $10 ish)
6. Replaced all the interior lights with Yorkim T10 Super Bright 5-5050 LED lights
7. Replaced the trunk light with an LED light strip
8. Replaced front door speakers and rear deck speakers with JBL GT7-6 6.75 speakers
9. Does Scotch Guarding the seats every 3 months counts as a mod :D
10. Black Turbo Vinyl on lower trim
11. Anti Glare Anti Finger Print Screen Protector
12. Honda Civic Trunk Tray

The BEST for last....Added Honda OEM Homelink and hardwire into the car
1. To agree on deal, dealership tint windows (3M lifetime warranty) at no charge
2. Painted the mufflers, pipes and tips with high temp flat black. I like the total black look from the rear bottom
3. Added the chrome eye lids above the fog lights
4. Replaced the stock headlights with 4500K or 5000K Bright White headlights
5. Ordered Chrome exhaust tips but so far, it does not look right to me. I guess the hole at the bottom of the chrome tips are made for the actual exhaust coming out of the stock pipes. Still on the fence with this one
6. Purchased the No Worry Replacement warranty from Discount Tire that comes with free replacement if over 3/32 inch of tread; lifetime free balance and rotations; free tire patch repair and something else which I can't remember


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