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  1. Honda VTEC Turbo And Force Induction Discussions
    I have a 10th gen Civic Lx 6 speed manual with the 2.0L K20C2. I WANT MO POWA BEHBAH! I would like to do the normal things, intake, exhaust, cat and muffler mods, and perhaps a Ktune/Hondata tune. However, the end goal I would like is to turbocharge the currently N/A engine. Is that even...
  2. 2017+ Honda Civic Hatchback Turbo Forum
    Hi, I'm a newbie and looking to get a honda civic 1.0 turbo in white and wondered what the paint is like the car has just turned 3 years old and worried that the paint will have problems like they do in america. In the uk apparently there isnt paint problems? Thanks
1-2 of 2 Results