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  1. 10th Gen Civic General Discussion Forum
    Would i be able to run 245 r18s on 18*9.5 +38s stock on a 2020 civic hatchback sport without fender rolling?
  2. 10th Gen Civic General Discussion Forum
    Is it possible to fit a K24Z7 engine in the bay of a 10 gen civic. I love 1.5 L turbo but I think the K24Z7 is under rated and more better option.
  3. 10th Gen Civic Si And 2018 Civic Type R Forum
    Hey everyone I have had a 2018 is sedan for about 6 months now and have done very minor mods to it and I wanna take a big step and wanna get a turbo kit that I can daily drive but also has high 200 or low 300 hp. I have a hondata flashpoint and a prl cobra cold air intake alone with some...
1-3 of 3 Results