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  1. Honda VTEC Turbo And Force Induction Discussions
    Brand new member here, hope this is the right section for this. so it’s a long story, but i just came into ownership of a 2018 civic lx. i know nothing about the car/hondas in general. started driving for the first time and all the dash lights lit up. main problem is this code it’s throwing...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, My names Calogero im from Toronto and I drive a 10th gen Civic Hatch. I am new to understanding about the depth of car knowledge and am currently researching everything and asking a bunch of car friends for info so i thought id join the forums for better knowledge and to get proper...
  3. 10th Gen Civic Si And 2018 Civic Type R Forum
    Hey everyone I have had a 2018 is sedan for about 6 months now and have done very minor mods to it and I wanna take a big step and wanna get a turbo kit that I can daily drive but also has high 200 or low 300 hp. I have a hondata flashpoint and a prl cobra cold air intake alone with some...
1-3 of 3 Results