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So I'm an old guy, 53 coming over from Trucks. Rams and lastly a tacoma. No need to ride big any longer. Want roomy economical and able to get out of its own way. Civic interior dimensions are as big or in a few case bigger than tacoma. You know .. my one pack.

Im in the information industry. When ever buy I like to research. The links provide great info.

I only have 200 miles on the EXT sedan.
I have read on many forums and found that there are 2 most common issues with these cars. The radio and the "surge". Radio .. to me is no big thing unless it gets in the way of actual operation.

I've tried to get a clear picture of what everyone experiences with the surge and on which models. Couldn't really get a GOOD description.

Now I haven't got alot of miles. But
I have hit it to see what it does 0 to 60 a few times. 8 to 10 coincidentally.

I'm just wondering if the surge everyone is talking about is turbo lag. This is a characteristic of all turbo engines. The formula guys spend thousands trying to tune it out.
What Ive noticed when i hit it is, maybe a second or two before she gits up n goes. Turbo lag. As the engineer also mentions in one of the videos we could also be waiting on the torque converter.

I will be keeping an eye on this issue.

So far I like it 183 mile and I'm between 1/4 and 1/2. I love that. Responsive around town and ok on the highway. Need a little room to pass and need a little extra throttle when going over hills.

My 15 an 19 year old girls are liking their lips .... "ahhhh nah, you cars are over there...." as I point to the "old" side of the driveway.

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