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Ok so three weeks ago we found out that Honda was planning to send over roughly 50,000 Gen 10 hatchback Civics built at their Swindon, UK facility. I wondered at the time if perhaps Honda was interested in a similar plan to 2002 when they sent over the UK Civic Hatch as our SiR:

What I'm wondering is if Honda doesn't perhaps have something fun up their sleeve. Honda has sent over Civics built in Swindon before, remember the 02-05 Civic SiR? Could we see Honda offer the 5 door Civic only in top guise Si (or SiR) in order to better bake the import costs into MSRP?
American Honda Motor Co. Executive Vice President John Mendel may of just confirmed exactly that when talking about the Civic Type R with Autoguide...

“As you go to global development processes, the differences from market to market in terms of crash and requirements start to converge,” said Mendel. “So you don’t have a vehicle developed for one market that doesn’t meet the standards of another market. As you are able to commonize all those things around the world, and a US-led development for this vehicle (the 2016 Honda Civic), we kind of spec’d through the higher standards.”

Pricing isn’t something Mendel was willing to discuss yet but he indicated that a major factor will have to do with the British Pound vs U.S. Dollar exchange rate at the time, with the new Type R being manufactured in the UK.

“I’d hope we could sell a couple thousand a month,” he said, promising not to put a cap on sales.
It would certainly fit with the small batch of hatches earmarked for our ports...
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