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The Type R is SO well refined and engineered to be PERFECT in the exact way it comes, I just don't know... It really is a very well rounded perfect vehicle straight out of the factory.

Tune... the ONLY thing id consider immediately. I'll wait to see what companies put out.
What people may over look is the fact that this is a Turbo engine. For those who have never messed around with these, you cant just crank the PSI up and reflash and get MOAR POWAH... Well you will, then youll throw a rod through your hood...
You better figure out what the internals can handle before you start cranking up the PSI.
Rods, pistons, rod bolts, main bolts, head bolts, compression ratio, larger injectors, upgraded fuel pump to handle the increased flow of fuel, maybe even a larger turbo if you want that big of a PSI bump.
Don't even get me started on intercooler, who knows how large the stock one is and how much it can handle. Redline your Type R on a hot summer day with the stock intercooler and too much PSI and you may end up with a useless hunk of metal. Detonation isn't fun.

Every single 10th gen model will carry a new turbo engine. This is a whole new ball game compared to Naturally Aspirated VTEC that were used to.
Forget your high compression retune game plan. Ever heard of Turbo season? Well its a real thing, summers suck if you aren't running the right intercooler.

I wouldn't even dare putting different coils/suspension on it until I see test proven improvements from a reputable company. The front suspension is the whole reason this thing holds the record on the Ring.

Brakes? Nope, four piston Brembos.. How could you get better.

Intake? LOL nope. I'm not that stupid to believe an AEM short ram will give me "25% more ponies" Yeah maybe with a professional tune a TRUE cold air may offer 2-5 HP.. But 306 HP out of 2.0 is already impressive. I trust the factory air box is designed to offer the best with this engine. I'll give it a couple years before I ponder that part of the system.

Exhaust? I'll wait to see what it sounds like out of the factory. No one likes a fart can so ill wait for a tig welded mandrel bent dyno proven exhaust until I change it out.

Interior? Nope.

Exterior? are you crazy.

Rant over.
1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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