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16 EXT Coupe

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The whole new car buying experience has been a journey! Bought a 9th gen 2015 ext 4 dr civic brand new in Feb. Went to puck it up and the battery was dead. 3 days later, the touch screen went out. At 9000 miles, the transmission blew and the torque converter went out :D . Thank god for the warranty! 2 days after getting it back from the dealership last month, the tire pressure sensors went off. The tire pressure was perfect... Needless to say I traded that thing in. Finally decided on the 2016 coupe. Not gonna lie, I was worried about having another cvt transmission but I bought a 7 year, 120,000 mile warranty just in case. Love the styling and it runs great so far, so we'll see. That being said, if you can upgrade to the turbo - do it! So worth it!!! My boyfriend owns a 2014 veloster 1.6l turbo and this baby can keep up. Love, Love, Love!
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Welcome to the forums! Which color did you choose? Pictures? And how much was the extended warranty and through what provider?
That's a horrible start to ownership, it's along the lines of what i'd expect from a German car maker, not a Japanese car maker.

Hopefully you owned something Honda in the past since it will probably restore your faith in the brand.
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Congrats on the new coupe!
Sounds like you bought a 9th gen lemon. Not that common but stinks when you get one. Did they refund you the 9th gen money?
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