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so I decided to go get some baseline numbers for my Sport Manual today. Unfortunately, the only dyno available was a Mustang dyno at PRT Performance in Lewisville, TX.

It was about 66 F today in Dallas, so good temps. Car has no power modifications at all.

On the graph, Torque is Blue, Horsepower is Red and A/F Ratio is Black.

Honda has rated the Sport Manuals at 180 Hp/177 Lbs.*Ft

Also, and this was confirmed with dyno owner, This Mustang dyno reads 12% lower. I will go get some Dynojet numbers this week also to verify the accuracy (although because of temp differences, it will vary)

With all this being said, It pulled a 186 lbs.*ft and 176 Hp...that's a 4.9% increase in torque and a 2.2% loss on horsepower.

Factoring in the difference with Mustang dynos, that should put the car at 200hp/211 lbs.*ft. (11%/19% increases) but like I said, I need to run a Dynojet to check these numbers, so don't quote this estimate as set in stone.

Also Notice the A/F ratios....this car seems to run very rich in the higher RPMs


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