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1st time Honda buyer!

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Hello everyone on the civic forum. My girlfriend and I are new to Honda. This is actually my girlfriends car that I prompted her into getting. She travels a lot for work so fuel economy was important. She had a 2013 Prius C that was totaled after she hit a deer last week. The hybrid drive is very expensive to replace and fix. The biggest complaint with the Prius was how fast it lost value. So we decided to get a straight gas motor and after laborious research and reviews from owners and auto reviewers aka (consumer reports, etc.) We decided on choosing between Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and even looked at Toyota Camry. I fell in love with the new civic just from online research. But the forum actually had me scared to death of the civic. Some new owners were having some major issues (infotainment bugs or blackouts, transmission shutter, weird dents on side of roof, rear and side camera issues and other things.) So we went out of town to shop and drove them all. Ford Focus is a horrible car bad interior and cabin layout I'm 6'1" and could not fit in back seat. The transmission is a manual with a computer shifting for you how strange! The Toyota Corolla is a reliable car but lacks in style and a grown up feeling we are in our mid 40's and felt like we were driving our child's car. The Camry is also a reliable car but a little to big for us, and had an older person feel to it. So we drove the civic best for last. Styling, nice solid smooth ride, and just the feeling of being inside the cabin is almost like a cockpit of a plane or space ship. We ended up with a white 2017 EX. So far it has 130 miles on it and we love it. There are a few things I'm not sure about like the soft fabric around the inside door handles and the center console, I don't think this will wear well. And i thought we had heated front seats but have not figured out how to turn them on yet and no power to the driver seat didn't realize till we got it home. Hopefully the Honda reliability will continue with this 10th. generation. Only time will tell! Purchase date was today 11-19-2016 and the manufacturer date on the car was 10-16 so she's pretty fresh off the assembly line.


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Glad we didn't scare you away from the Civic! Those problems were generally found when the Civic first came out and in the first batch or two of them. The later produced Civics shouldn't have the same problems. The heated seat buttons should be under those two dial in the center. If you don't see those buttons then your civic may not have them.
Welcome to the forums and congratulations. The forums are definitely a bit unsettling when first checking in just because this is where people tend to find solutions to their issues. So you'll see a lot of posts about problems and issues and it'll make some people think that they're common. But there's definitely a boat load more good ones out there than problem ones so you just gotta hope for the best lol.

How's the third brake light ?
if you got the EX version, you won't have the heated seats (EX-T and above) and you wont' have power seats (EX-L and above).

you also have the 2.0 N/A motor rather than the 1.5 turbo. just to be clear as to what you have and don't.

what you should have moving forward is a great experience with your Honda. many here on the forums that are active have had many Honda's over the years...and we are usually the more picky owners...but, we keep coming back to Honda.

congrats on the new ride, welcome to the Honda family...and enjoy.
Welcome to the forum.
Love the white.

Me too and welcome to the forums.
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