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2010 STI to 2018 Si

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Hello all,

Just traded in my 2010 Subaru STI for a 2018 White Si. If you know Subaru, you know those motors become ticking time bombs once they get into the higher mileage. I was up to 260,000kms on a Cobb stage 2 setup. The car made around 290WHP and 310WTQ. It was great fun but the time came where I needed something where I could have fun and get more than 18MPG.

Ive been doing my research and it seems these 10th gen Si's have great potential. I pick mine up tomorrow and I'm excited to break it in. Does anyone know off hand the break-in recommendations from Honda?

I'm hoping to see an active community here for the 10th gens. The STI community was very active and knowledgable and I learned a lot from them - I'm hoping to do the same here.

Any other Subaru owners on here to chime in?
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that's too bad about the subaru's.

i've always love the 2008-2009 legacy....but the head gasket issue has always kept me away from buying one. to this day...i'd buy one if it weren't for the issue of the head gasket. i still look online for a low mileage one...hoping that the original owner already replaced it!!!

there isn't a single perfect car out there...but, history shows that the Honda will serve you well for years, if you don't abuse it TOOOOO badly.
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