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There are way more civics on the road than Cruzes. Just look at the sales numbers.

However, that aside. It looks way better than the current cruze. All around improvement. Nice looking interior (i can't really say anything bad about chevy's new interiors, lets hope honda plans on benchmarking all its competition in these areas, besides performance). I doubt i'd ever get one, since i'm a coupe driver and that's really all i want.

The front end reminds me endlessly of the 2012 civic coupe tho. The back end doesn't read as well to me, seems, forgettable? But overall its alot less of an eye sore than the current cruze. And they're bringing over the hatch from Europe, so the Civic has even more competition going in with the 10th gen.
Hundred percent was just coming to write that. Its that contour over the wheel well that meets the beltline is it? The 10th coupe demonstrates it as well.

Question for you as a designer, what visual function do you reckon that little arch over the well serves?
1 - 3 of 62 Posts
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