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Got the 2016 1.5 Turbo back in November 2016 in Pakistan. There is a ticking noise which is a chronic quality issue that Honda has not been able to resolve as of today. Non of the dealerships know the exact nature of the issue. I have been trying to reach out to the Honda customer service and all they can say is that they have logged the issue and will call once they have a solution.

It is quiet a disappointment as anywhere other than Pakistan they would have recalled the vehicle and provided the solution on immediate basis.

Tried local forums where some say its a Vehicle Stability Assist issue, fuel octane needs to be increased, knock sensor debate and on and on.

To me as a consumer it boils down to the quality of the vehicle that has been delivered to us. I joined this forum to raise awareness and seek advice on what are the recall procedures, are others across facing similar issues etc.

Also, what to do to get Honda to response or provide a solution. Seeking advise.
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