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2016 civic exl amp info?

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Hello everyone, question involving stereo in 16 civic exl. I recently upgraded all speakers and added amp and subwoofers via line convertor at rear speakers. I gained it out at volume of around 33 on radio...around 22 or so now it's cutting off all speakers..nothing!! Aftermarket amp still on..meaning fuse for remote is still good. So what I'm wondering is..is the factory amp in head unit? And is it getting hot and turning into protection mode.all radio functions still work..just no sound...after about 10 minutes of checking all wiring and all..I turn back on and they worked..around 22 cuts off!! Any info would be great!!! Ty
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Not trying to be "smart", but maybe your car is trying to save you from yourself! I don't know what a volume of 33 may sound like, but my stepson is now about half deaf (I am serious) from having those ground shaking speakers & sub-woofers in his vehicles. You could hear him coming 2 blocks away from home. Nice to be "cool" & have loud music playing/blaring from your car, but you will pay dearly with your hearing later. I am 75 & lost a lot of my hearing from working around jet aircraft for years, with no hearing protection, like available now. Some sound systems now exceed the decibels of jet engines. We didn't know better back then. Too late, I do now. I would think that modern cars have sound systems that should be more than loud enough, but to each his own. Sorry I can't be of help on your technical problem, but hope you heed my warning on how much volume human ears can take without permanent damage. Again, I am in no way trying to be a smarty, & trying to put you down, for having a nice audio system.
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Hello again. I have been thinking about your problem. I am wondering if your car radio has a built in program "volume limiter" that keeps the original speakers from exceeding their limits & from being blown out & ruined. Even with a proper install of new equipment with higher limits, the radio is not recognizing the higher volume capabilities. If this is so, there is a slim chance that in the radio/audio settings, there may be a setting to adjust the limiter to higher setting. I am not a tech person, so just making an educated guess. I am hoping that someone with better knowledge will come here & give you the answer you are looking for. A shame to spend money on a nice upgrade & not have it work.
I know this is an old thread but wondering if you got your issue resolved.
I have 2017 LX that I upgraded the speakers(Rockford F) and head unit (Dasaiti) and I have been having the same issue. Mine cuts out around 20. I have checked the wiring and found nothing wrong. I did notice that when I hit 20 the speakers cut out the head unit itself gets rather hot. I can reset it by cutting the car off but no telling how long I can go before it happens again. Originally, I thought the head unit was bad so I swapped back to the OEM and the same exact thing happens so I think this rules out the aftermarket one. Super frustrated and not sure what to check next. any advise would be appreciated
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