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If i've learned anything on my hondas over the past 11 years, break in period matters. My cars all rose about 1mpg every 1000 miles i drove. 35 for non break in is awesome considering my 8th gen in high school averaged about 26mpg for the first month. If my 8th gen coupe could get 41mpg on an extended highway trip to pittsburgh from columbus, no doubt the new civic will be able to hit 42+ on distance cruising trips.

I do almost 100% city driving... my 9th gen averages about 27-28mpg most of the time (i am heavy on the throttle most of the time, usually revving to 3-4k rpms getting up to speed depending on traffic) just wonder if my mileage in the city will be better (less revving because more low end power on tap from the 1.5T) or worse (i'll still be rev happy and i'll be spooling up the turbo everytime. haha)

Thankfully for me i don't actually drive that much, very short work commute, no social life, etc... so mpg isn't really my top priority as i usually only fill up the gas tank once a month, maybe twice.
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