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TL;DR: FC1= 1.5T, FC2= 2.0L

Last week when we published our 2016 Civic VIN Guide, we also found the platform code for 2016 Civic Sedans. We want to flush that out a little further.

As we told you last week, we found one 2016 EX-T Civic Sedan in transit to Hawaii.

From the Hawaii cars VIN and the VIN of the first car from Indiana we were able to compare numbers; like all Honda's the platform code was in the same place. Both car's were 1.5T's which left us curious about the 2.0.

Luckily Jeff Wylers family of Honda Dealerships just received a bulk shipment of 2016 Sedans, with both engines.

We picked a Rallye Red EX with Honda Sensing and the 2.0L engine. VIN number: 2HGFC2F81GH501268

Compare that with a Crystal Black Peal EXL with the 1.5. VIN number: 2HGFC1F71GH631780

So what we know is that both cars came from Alliston, but more importantly the final piece of the 2016 Civic Sedans Platform Code.

FC1= 2016 Civic Sedan with 1.5L Turbo
FC2= 2016 Civic Sedan with 2.0L
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