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2016 Civic: Top 5 Things

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Autoguides top 5 things you should know about the 2016 Civic Sedan:


1. It's Bigger
2. The Car Lost Weight
3. New Engines
4. SUPER Efficient
5. Priced to Sell
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The interior...

Increased size and less weight and they're using ultra high strength steel!

So exciting to see what else they'll come out with.
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Thanks to an increased amount of ultra-high-strength steel and lots of clever engineering, the overall body structure is around 70 pounds lighter than its predecessor’s. But that’s not what’s most impressive. Depending on trim level, the car has lost anywhere between 50 and 100 pounds, despite offering more equipment, greater interior space and 25 percent better torsional rigidity. How do you spell progress? Apparently it starts with an “H” and ends in “onda.”
It is awesome that they were able to make the vehicle larger while reducing its weight. That is engineering progress in the truest sense. And the price only increased $150! They didn't have to use a whole bunch of carbon fiber. I am very impressed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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