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2016 Civic Touring with navigation problems

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Brand new (1,000) 2016 Civic touring sedan with navigation issues: either it enters into a "searching" mode or it shows the car completely off road. Resetting the system completely didn't fix problem.
Anybody else with similar issues? Suggestions?
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I've heard of it being off for some people too, like showing that you're 10 miles away from where you actually are. Have you brought your Civic in to the dealer? Not sure how to fix something like this.
I had that issue a while back ... sorted itself out . I seldom use the GPS
I have a few friends that own this gen that still haven't used the OEM GPS, instead they have stuck to using Google Maps on their phone mounted to the dash or windshield much like what Uber drivers do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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