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2016 Civic Wheel Offsets?

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Anyone know the bolt pattern and offsets for the 2016 Civic?

Would be interested in figuring out if I can potentially swap on a set of Accord wheels...

these ones

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I was actually wondering this too since everyone dislikes the civic wheel options so much. I really like some of the accord wheels though too. I'd imagine honda would use a similar setup across its car range just for ease of use.
does anyone know bolt patterns and offsets for the accord then?
Bolt patterns will all be 5x114.3

Offsets should be the same as well. Swaps between Civic and Accord wheels should be no problem at all.
I wonder why all the fitment charts on e-bays site say these wheels are not compatible?
I wonder why all the fitment charts on e-bays site say these wheels are not compatible?
Can be done. Here is a picture some showed me as I had the same question.


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I know this is a bit unrelated to the topic, but beware. In my area (MA)we have had a lot of Accord Sport rim thefts. One poor guy whos house I pass on the way to my daughter school, had his original rims and tires stolen, insurance replaced them and a month later, same thing. Locks are not helping.
So this must mean 06 SI wheels will also fit? :)
Assuming an 8" wide wheel is used, a wheel offset somewhere between 40 - 45 will work well. Anything bigger and the wheel will be too tucked in.

For offsets lower than 40mm, I dunno how low you can go before things rub. Of course, whether any rubbing occurs will also depend on the chosen tire size.
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