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2016 driving up steep hills

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Hello everybody, I'm considering purchasing the 2016 civic ex-l, but a little hesitant because I drive up hills everyday.

Does anybody know how it will perform? Esp with the turbo? I currently drive a v-6, but need to upgrade and debating between this one and the accord.
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I think either will be fine with the increased torque, especially the turbo. If the dealer is near you just say you want to test it on the hills you will be driving every day. We test drove one almost to our house so my wife could objectively evaluate the acceleration on merging.
I drive a small 1.4 liter turbo now and noticed when I got it that it is more effortless going up hills that my older cars. The reason is that as the hill builds the engine generates more boost and I just keep going and the actual engine is staying at the same RPM. It was odd at first as I'd not be dropping speed or having to downshift (I drive a manual) and I didn't really have to give it more gas either.

Was odd at first, watching boost build and not the RPM that I was used too but I'm used to it now and it seems odd when I drive my wife's HR-V and the engine ramps up. Need to find a turbo civic to drive myself to see as I suspect you'll get a little of both with the CVT auto adjusting along with the turbo. Between the two Civic engines the turbo will have a leg up in the hill department due to the extra torque and the turbo to call upon on demand as needed.
Well, I'll always take a V6 over a 4 banger. However, hills won't bother the civic.
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Well, I'll always take a V6 over a 4 banger. However, hills won't bother the civic.
Same but with the power this 1.5 is putting out, I think it may be enough for me to do without 6 cylinders. Torque seems great to me, about inline with some old 6 cyl's i've had in the past.
my 8th gen 1.8 climbs hills effortlessly. Hudson Valley NY. Storm King, Shawangunks, Catskills..
the CVT just scoots it up the hill, its quite the sensation. Honda has built one heck of a 'gear' box
You wont have any issues with any trim of the new Civic. It has more than enough power, in addition to Automatic Brake Hold, if you ever find yourself parked in a steep incline.
Drove the turbo sedan up a steep, continuous hill from the dealership. Plenty of power with two occupants during the test drive. Did not struggle at all.
This is great! Thanks everyone. Now the task to find the exl with Honda sensing and in the right colors. Pretty scarce up here in Seattle.
My ex-t had no problem accelerating up hill to well over the speed limit. But that can probably be expected from any cvt equiped vehicles. My other car needed to be at 3500+Rpm to maintain speed uphill witch ment 120km(75mph) in 5th gear or 90km/h(55mph) in 4th gear. With the cvt the engine rpm seem to not be tied to road speed. So you can have over 3000rpm and plenty of power at any speed thanks to the infinitely variety of gear ratios. In a way it acts simlarly to an 18 gear semi truck transmition witch has plenty of middle gear that allows you a greater variaety of rpm/speed ratio.
I've switched from a Honda Crosstour V-6 to the Civic Touring with Turbo.
So you know it has to have some get up and go for me to make that leap! :)
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