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2016 EX-L in Vermont

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First impressions (took delivery about two weeks ago) ... great car, solid, quiet, well built, good mileage, but the infotainment system has (to quote the movie Tron) "More bugs than a bait store"

I've got 35 years of experience in software, including interactive systems, and teaching Android App Development and Embedded System Development (retired from industry to be a Professor). I sort of feel qualified, especially since I've written interactive graphics systems (oh, 20 years or so).

1) The system appears to be under powered for the tasks it's assigned
2) It appears to lose events off the event queue while it's busy with a task (i.e. you enter an input and the system loses the event) (see item 1).
3) Have mode confusion issues, like the backup camera display shows the alignment lines without the camera view, or the right mirror camera gets stuck on if you attempt to change the volume while turning (see item 2).
4) Doesn't play nice with Android phones. It appears that if the phone is busy, the info system gives up and never retries.
5) The GUI for navigating a USB drive is ... miserable: a completely flattened list of directories. If you have a lot of music, arranged like most iTunes->USB programs will arrange them (/playlist/artist/album), it's very, very hard to scroll through the music to find what you want. The file system is hierarchical for a reason.
6) Boot up takes over 20 seconds. If you get in the car, start it, and try to back out of the garage, it's not ready to show you the rear-view camera (see item 1).
7) Goes off to "never never land" (as we used to call it in our software) ... the screen goes blank, and then several queued actions start processing (see items 1 and 2). This leads to things like runaway volume changes. I parked the car with the radio loud, got in with my wife and when I started the car it was too loud, and I couldn't get the volume to change until the system got through booting.
8) The volume control is far, far too sensitive to up/down swipes.
9) If a tire is low, tell me which one ... seriously. TPMS came on today. I checked all of the tires, no problem. Finally remembered to check the spare 48 psi vs 60 psi spec.
10) Auto recalibrate. Why does our 2007 CRV automatically clear a TPMS error, but the 2016 Civic won't? Is it because it allows auto-training (which is nice, I think it means I can change my own snow tires) ... but still.

Maybe some of these are things I can configure. I've spent some time fiddling with controls, but have probably missed a lot of things.

I can honestly say I love the car, but I'm starting to wish I had my 2005 Odyssey's radio back, with volume that resets to a low level on power off and with my after-market auxiliary input and bluetooth->rca adapter.
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Reading my post ... I shouldn't have been so negative. Being a professional in the area makes me ... picky? I was hesitant going in, and chose the Civic over an Accord primarily due to the Android Auto and the fact that the Accord (2016) has two screens with redundant information, and the Civic's system looked much cleaner and neater (plus the mileage is a bit better).

I love the car, it really is great. I haven't had the chance to drive it much, since I only commute during the school year. In about 10 days, I'll start a four day a week 60 mile roundtrip commute. Given that I'm seeing gas mileage that's about twice what my 2005 Odyssey was getting, I'm really looking forward to it.

If I can get comfortable with the USB and Android Auto links, for my audio books and podcasts, I'll be in heaven.
Reading my post ... I shouldn't have been so negative..
Yes you should have. In my opinion your little synopsis here is spot on. When I first looked at this system in the dealers lot, I thought is was going to be just super, and a big upgrade into 2016. As I worked with it though, I became more and more underwhelmed. As I said in another thread, for me, my music is an important part of my driving pleasure, and I really think this system as a whole, under performs in several areas.
I hold out fleeting hope that Honda will come up with firmware updates that smooths out this clunky system from top to bottom.
I don't know if yours isn't updated or what. I got my car 2 weeks ago and I haven't encountered any of the issues you described. I'm a software developer as well who has written Android programs. Car touch interfaces have been so poor. I've been saying for years they should just use Android since its open source and has a great touch UI. The only issues I've found is that sometimes my phone doesn't connect and I just need to unlock it and it connects fine. The other issue is the web browser crashes on Youtubes home page. I am disappointed about the 5 home screens and nothing to put on them. Plus the app installer that is useless. Hopefully Honda unlocks this or it gets cracked. The good thing is with Android auto the head unit is just a dumb display so we will see updates for that long after Honda stops making updates. If its laggy with Android auto its probably your phone and not the head unit. My brother's iPhone was so laggy it was pretty much unusable. With my S7 edge there is no lag at all.
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