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2016 EX-L Sedan from Cali

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Hey guys,
I recently purchased a 2016 EX-L Sedan in White Orchid Pearl. So far only mods I've made are tinting the windows and Vinyl wrapping the roof. Will upload pics in my garage in a few. Excited to see all the mods you guys will be doing to your 10th gen as well. Saying hello from the 909 (Inland Empire) area! Thanks guys, have a good one!

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Welcome to the forum! You can probably get a few future mod ideas here: http://www.10thcivicforum.com/forum/137-what-did-you-do-your-10th-gen-civic-today/
Would still be great to see your Vinyl wrapping when its done.
Welcome to the forums and congratulations on the purchase ! Definitely can't wait to see the pictures but this is definitely the spot to get some new ideas to empty the wallet ;)
what level tint did you end up going with?
if you can post pictures of your car with the windows tinted that would be great.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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