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This year has been loaded with issues.

1. Front windshield cracked after parking in shade on hot day. The window may have had a chip on the top edge of the window, but it was so small I was unable to see it.

2. The electronic parking brake switch failed after 60K miles.

3. CV axles started to click with full lock turns after roughly 50K miles. I believe it was the driver side that was the cause but I ended up replacing both sides, including the half shaft with the carrier bearing showing play as well.

4. The steering rack overheats after driving in the heat for 30+ minutes. The steering wheel feel becomes notchy and inconsistent. Fix, I removed the under tray to let more air through, and I plan to wrap the exhaust pipe that is just above the rack or add additional heat shields. This now causes rattling from the rear right undertray from parachuting at 65+mph and has hurt my fuel economy by 1-2mpg.

5. When accelerating uphill there is a crunch/knock noise on the front right. I think it could be from a bushing damaged or the CVT transmission has play. This is the one issue I am hoping people can chime in on because its the most frustrating one to diagnose. The cause was going over multiple speed bumps too fast.

Earlier issues included rattles from back tray under rear windshield, and passenger side back seat area around pillar. The blind spot camera stopped working temporarily. The turbo makes a horrible noise when heat soaked at startup.
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