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2016 LX or LX-P Civic Coupe

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Test drove the new LX-P coupe last week and it felt great. Unfortunately Honda salesmen I am dealing with don't know their stuff and can't tell me if the suspension, transmission, etc. is the same in the two models. Don't really need the LX-P upgrades and would just like to buy the LX but wan't to make sure ride and handling are the same.

Additionally, does the LX sedan have the same setup? Test drove a sedan but found it noisier than the LX-P coupe, could hear the engine whining while it did not seem that I could hear that in the LX-P coupe.

Help--want to buy soon!!
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As far as i know... the LX and LX-P have the exact same engine/suspension setup. It's only after you get into the turbo trims that suspension bits start to get upgraded and change a bit. Transmissions are the exact same as well, again, that only changes for Turbo models with a slightly revised CVT.

Only the LX offers the manual until later this year.

As for the coupe being quieter than the sedan? Not sure about that one. By all accounts the coupe should be louder since it has a firmer suspension setup than the sedan as well as sportier tires (less luxury/comfort oriented).
Uncertain but check

The sedan LX has plastic wheel well liners on F or R and plastic sheet underbody aero trays,, and no hydraulic compliance bushing for that rear trailing arm just rubber, the Ex sedan has sound absorbing felted plastic opn wheel liners and aero trays and a Hyd. Bush. You might check for these next time you look.
Coupes maybe or not follow. I would that hope they get the full quiet pkg. and bushing. You must check.
Further information can be found in the *coupe review thread *.
The Car and Driver review notes incremental changes in spring rates and damping on various models but may not be definitive enough for your value based decision making.
Engine and cvt specific noise will be the same across all turbo equipped sedans and coupes.
I agree with Robb that the coupe is probably road noisier than the sedan at any level compared.
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