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2016 Si June/July

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so are saying some Honda people! 2016 Si's on dealer lots by June/July.

so when are we going to see it then... next week in Detroit?
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I'm buying in August, so it better be out by then!

Detroit seems too soon to see the Si with that release date, but I would absolutely love to be wrong.
Can't think of any large auto shows after Detroit so it would be the best place to reveal the Civic Si.
Detroit seems like it, no other show around that it could show up at, unless Honda does their own event, but why not take advantage of Detroit.
What about New York in April? The same place they'd revealed the 10th gen Civic Concept.
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Or they'll do another online event like they did for the sedan and coupe...
Unless they show us an Si 'concept' in Detroit/NY with production reveal coming later at a separate event?
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