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The bottom line, I screw the puck from the pad side and not pull the electric brake and do it from the backside. Did I mess up? Little more context below...

I put the rear brakes on as I have done before by screwing in the puck. None of my patterns match, in the interest of getting it done, I ground a couple of notches on a 1" socket. So I screw them back, just put one pad in for filler, and gently push the puck back. Put it all back together. Pump the brakes, and cycled the parking brake. All the "check" lights went out and started driving the car.

End of the story, not yet. Videos pop up on my Youtube channel. Who says big tech does not know what going on in our lives? :) Watching it, he pulled the electric brake off to pull back the puck. Then watching some other video they did the same thing.

Did I mess up, if so why?
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