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2017 Audio question...

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I really want a new Hatch sport 6 speed. What is holding me back is the crappy audio and no andriod auto. I told myself after my 2013 Si I would not buy another car that did not have it but I have fallen in love with the white sport hatchback at the dealer.

Would it be possible to swap the headunit out from a EX/Touring. Has anyone done this on the 2016 model yet. Is it even possible?
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The Hatch sport should get both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, at least that's what's indicated on their site. not sure if anyone has changed out the entire head unit as that seems like an expensive endeavour.
I went and looked/ordered mine this weekend. They come with the LX radio which as far as I could tell does not have Android auto.
You're right, I could have been looking at the Canadian Honda site and that one comes with Android Auto and Carplay. Maybe you can ask if your dealership can swap out your head unit for the one in the Canadian Sport Hatchback.
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