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Went to 5 Honda dealerships, drove them all....
Was negotiating on 2016 left overs best deal on that was around $21,700

My Wife and I really preferred the EX-L trim level with the wheels and seats over touring.

Decided on Black/Black.

My best deal on a 2017 was $22,495 BUT then Black Friday hit and I am glad I waited today, I found a local Honda dealer who advertised they will beat my best deal in writing by $1000.

So sure enough its in my driveway got it! I was actually surprised they honored it.
No surprises either no destination fee, nothing just basic doc, tax and plate fees.

No options, no extras, no wheel locks, no mud guards, JUST WHAT I WANTED!!!

Did not buy the extended warranty, I plan to price shop it online.

Brand New 2017 which just got delivered to the dealer 2 days ago...
I paid $21,495 w/ 2 free synthetic blend dealer oil changes.

(Baby is now covered and sleeping in garage)


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Nice^^^^Love the black.
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