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2017 Civic Hatch Brought To You By Transformers

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We all thought Honda’s new Civic hatchback was produced by humans, but instead they are made by Transformers in the depths of their UK factory in Swindon. Proof is in their new commercial for the Civic Hatch titled ‘Made Mean’.

The theme of their new commercial is to highlight the differences between the sedan and hatchback production lines. Unlike the sedan that is produced in a well-lit and clean facility with yellow robotic arms, the hatchback is assembled in an underground assembly line by Transformer like robots.

Down there, it is dark and industrial, filled with some aggressive looking robots who are installing parts and painting the Sport Touring model’s bodywork with pizazz.

This could be a reflection of the hatchback’s own mean styling and sporty standard 1.5-liter turbo engine. Capable of pumping out between 174 and 180 hp, depending on the trim and gearbox, the new Civic Hatchback is one mean machine.

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I think people are more excited to see the transformers than they are to see the car in this particular clip! Haha! But in all honesty, with the 2018 Civic hatch out, I don't think people are going to be so keen to look at this old model anymore!
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