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2017 Civic Hatch Sport Wheels Brand New

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FS: 2017 Civic Hatch Sport Wheels Brand New

Any interest in my brand new 0 mile 2017 Civic Hatch Sport 18" factory wheels? I pick up and trailer the car from Miami next week and looking at buying a different set of wheels for it. Selling with or without tires. Currently up for offers on them.

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WOW, your selling the nicest wheels Honda ever made besides the TypeR???? GLWS, I'll never let mine go.
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Not a fan of the Fast and the Furious 2 tone, high offset wheels it comes with. They look okay on it but not my style. They can be picked up in Tampa FL or shipped if needed. Not much interest?
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I'm interested my father lives in Orlando could meet or pickup possibly.
Please let me know how much your looking for.
[email protected] is email
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