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We have a 2017 Civic, turbo coupe with 4k miles. It's my wife's car and she revealed that on 3-4 occasions recently that, while driving, the engine would quit running, twice within 5 miles of our house. Said she had to pull over, wait and restart, then continue on. I took it for a couple of "test runs" and couldn't recreate the issue, however, once the engine "ran rough", but didn't quit. I "googled" the issue and learned that this has happened before to others, however, could not find a "solution", so I called Honda and explained the problem, they provided a "case number" and said to contact the dealer and advised that I have it towed it, which we did... Two days later I received a call from the "service adviser" who informed me that they could not find any problems and recommended I come down to the dealership (some 50 miles away) and take a technician for a ride and show him what it does...... That doesn't work, so I had it towed back home.... I know this "issue" is not new, however, I cannot find anyplace that explains what the problem may be and how to correct it..... Checking our Lemon Laws and speaking to a friend when took that path, that sounds like the biggest "none workable" path to take..... Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to remedy this problem?
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