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Life -long Honda owner here, I live near Toronto and I'm planning on buying a new 2107 civic touring in the next week. If you could share what you paid and for what additional options if any it would be greatly appreciated!

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2017 Civic Sedan Touring - White Orchid Pearl

Original sticker w/dealer installed add-ins was $28,690 (before TTL and doc fee)

My deal:

Vehicle Price - $23,581
Destination - $875
Total vehicle price - $24,456
Dealer installed - splash guards, cargo tray, wheel locks, all season floor mats, pulse safety, anti-theft, door edge film - $997 (grrrr.. I could not get them to go any lower on these)
Total w/add-ons - $25,453 so I got $3237 off the original price
Sales tax - 2214.41 (Washington state)
Dealer doc fee - $150
License/Title - $120.75
Total Vehicle Cost - $27,938.16
Down Payment - $2000
OTD - $25,938.16

This was my original deal. Since I got the Touring, I decided I wanted extended coverage for all the electrical and sensing equip so I did get an extended warranty 8 yrs/125,000 miles for $1850. I could not get them to lower this either.

I qualified for the 0.9% financing. Yay!

I probably got suckered a bit on the add-ins.. but they were already installed on the car and I wanted to keep them so..that's on me if I didn't haggle hard enough.

For the extended warranty, I am honestly not sure if I got a good deal on it or not.. but I keep my cars for a LOOOONG time, and I felt safer knowing I have it. I am not afraid to haggle, but I didn't feel like walking out and waiting to see if they would call me back. I felt my time and avoiding the aggravation was worth more. I put that price below the original OTD price so it would be easier for others to compare.

This is only my second new-car buying experience because my first new car was a 2000 Honda Odyssey EX and I did not trade it... it is now my "utility" vehicle. :) Hope the Civic has the same longevity...
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