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I've owned Civics since the early 80s, I own and drive a 1998 Type R, I also own a 2015 Civic SI 4 door. I'm completely disappointed about this Accord pretending to be a Civic, sorry buy if I wanted an Accord ahem a 2" fatter 2016 Civic I would buy one (the Accord). Plus what is all the hype the 2.0 liter is a compete gutless wonder engine that get better MPG in the era of sub $2 a gallon gas and is SPANKED in all other areas by the 2.4 SI. Come Honda already tried to sell the turkey setup in the ILX and that was a bad joke and finally dropped leaving only the 2.4. Now I'm supposed to be all excited about the most powerful base engine ever.... the same 2.0 turkey that they could not sell in ILX? I think not. Till the SI comes out and it better have the 2015 ILX 2.4 direct inject, I would buy just buy an Accord with the same great 2.4 as the Civic SI.

The turbo 1.5 please, I want my Civic to go 300,000 miles with MINIMAL maintenance and I'm probably 1/10 that actually change oil on time with a quality synthetic. Ya think with 110 texas weather, stop and go in Austin and the cheapest bunker oil that JiffyLube has on special changed 2000 miles after the service engine light comes on is going to really protect the engine?? Oh don't get me going on why Syntec is not a synthetic motor oil, just dino lube sold with hype and bribes to SAE..
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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