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2017 Hatch 6M - 3rd gear grind

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Anybody else? I've had this a couple times. Moderate RPMs, gentle shifting. It's happened a couple times now. Does hot happen at redline and WOT.
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I have noticed that shifting into the 3rd gear is sometimes «harder». But I have not heard an audible grind.

Downshift ok, its only at upshift that I notice.

I have a '17 Civic Lx, I think I'm only at 50 km on the odometer since 1 month of owning the car. So she still has lots of break-in time needed.

I have also noticed a strong burning plastic smell when the heater is turned up really high, it seems to come and go. Hoping its just because its new!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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