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I’m going on my third head unit that’s arriving today. I’ve went with a pioneer 1500 nex it’s a relatively new model. I just want to remind everyone that I have a 2017 Honda Civic hatchback LX and the install is relatively easy but when you go to the steering wheel control which I paid extra for...... the voice button controls the volume....the telephone button controls the source so the sources and the functions are all mixed up. I talk to one of their lead techs yesterday and he thinks that we have it figured out this time and it was simply a wiring issue. I just want to see who has this particular model of Honda hatchback and has successfully put in a aftermarket stereo that has Apple CarPlay and it still been able to retain the steering well function. Is this possible has anyone else done it?
My budget is capped at $500.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks in advance
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