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Spy photographers from autoevolution managed to snap a shot of the prototype’s production ready interior minus the missing infotainment screen.

Sporting a new camouflage cover, the new Civic Hatchback prototype seems to have shed the aggressive body kit that was found on earlier prototypes. The dual exhaust tailpipes have been removed as has the area where they protruded from. Oddly enough, the new prototype looks like it doesn’t have an exhaust coming out of the rear.

Something else we’ve noticed is the reduced camo around the signature C-shape taillights which looks distinctly like the ones from its sedan sibling if the black tape beside it is any indication. Both taillights may be connected by a spoiler or maybe a light bar similar to the Civic Coupe’s. Additional thin red slats can be found under the taillights. They could possibly be just reflectors or rear fog lamps.

One more item to point out are the rear door windows. They’re not curved anymore compared to the 8th gen civic hatchback and the tip that’s is covered may or may not be glass. For all we know, that’s a large piece of door trim.

As for the front, nothing seems to have been changed since the last time we spotted the prototype, just has less camouflage this time around.

They managed to take a shot of the hatchback prototype’s interior and it’s just as expected, almost identical to the other 10th gen civic models except for the missing head unit. We can expect to see it launch sometime in the first quarter of next year.
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