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Turbo remedies for aches and pains anyone?

After half a days’ worth of lapping at the Honda Proving Ground (Mojave Desert), I found this 10th Gen Honda Civic Si can actually put a soulful grin on your face if you let it. While most of you in this community are looking for my strong point in this NON-VTEC argument I can rest assure you that the Civic Si can perform just exactly how it should on the track with a 1.5L turbo four.

The Aches

From everything said about the 10th Gen Si that was negative, one of the common aches found amongst the 10th Gen Forum community was on the low displacement engine. The 2017 Honda Civic is powered by a 1.5L turbocharged four cylinder that produces 205 horsepower and 192 foot pounds of torque. The turbo unit type is a high flow mono scroll with an electric wastegate and dual VTC. If we compare it to the last generation which has a NA 2.4L the new Si makes the same peak horsepower without having to bore and increase displacement. While accomplishing that Honda managed to still increase fuel efficiency 28% Combined, 23% on highway and an impressive 27% in the City compared to the previous Civic Si. If you ask me those are some impressive gains for fuel economy and still manage to offer the same amount of power. If you have been paying attention to the Si lineage, this engine makes the most torque in all of Civic Si history.

2015 Honda Civic Si EPA Rating
  • 22 MPG City
  • 31 MPG Highway
  • 25 MPG combined

2017 Honda Civic Si EPA Rating
  • 28 MPG City
  • 38 MPG Highway
  • 32 MPG Combined

The Pains

Now getting to the lingering pains of from the crowds with echoes and cries of “Why didn’t they include VTEC?!” across the room. For this particular case, the VTEC was replaced by the turbo to solve the question of torque and getting out of those sharp incline turns. Just to make it clear this is my theory after 6 laps at HPC while 3 of those were hot. During the first couple of heats I found it rather surprising just how much mid-range it had for a 1.5L and during those sharp turns I found it easy to pull out of the corner while staying in the power band. The power-band was linear and not abrupt by any means, I found most of the power kicking in around 3200 rpms. Surprisingly, the power delivery feels familiar just without screaming VTEC at the top of its lungs. My guess is the turbo compressor acted as a silencer cutting away the decibels before getting to the rear twin mufflers.

Remedies for the Spirited Drive

For enthusiasts looking to get the most out of the Civic Si, Hondata may be offering a flash tune for the ECU to increase the PSI and possibly adding the no lift shift option. There is no formal announcement from Hondata just yet but we are expecting something to come out soon.

If you are looking for a fun car under $30k, you can count on the 2017 Civic Si strong contender to meet your needs for a fun weekend on the track if that is what you’re in to. The most desirable features in the Civic Si is the turbo engine with good mid-range and torque, adaptive suspension and most of all the limited slip differential.

The Good And Bad


  • Lots of mid-range to pull out of the corners
  • Adaptive dampers in sport mode helps eliminate body roll
  • Engine makes the most torque out of all the previous Civic Si's


  • No physical volume knob
  • No GPS

2017 Honda Civic Si Specifications

Price: $27,775 (Base) / $24,995 (As Tested)

Segment: FF / FWD / 2 DR Coupe

Engine: 1.5L Turbocharged DOHC 16 Valve I-4

HP/TQ: 205HP @ 5,700RPM, 192LB-TQ @ 2,100-5,000RPM

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual

Wheelbase: 106.3IN

Curb Weight: 2,900LBS

EPA: 28 City / 38 Highway / 32 Combined

Top Speed: 130MPH

2017 Honda Civic Si Picture Gallery

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