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Hello everyone, picked up my 2017 lx sedan 2 months ago. Just joining up to see what how far guys have gone with the 10th gen already and to get some ideas of my own. Right now the game plan is for exhaust/intake/fuel upgrade and then a tune.

If anyone reads this I have some questions. Has anyone looked into boosting our 2.0l? Its my understanding its a basic k20 so boosting shouldn't be too hard or expensive.
What is our 6spd tranny rated to in terms of hp?
What kind of boost numbers should be safe on stock internals?
How much hp is the clutch good for? When would a stage 2 with a lighter flywheel be recommended?
Would straight cut gears be a logical upgrade? Would that eliminate the need for a stage 2 clutch?
And lastly, in order to tune is an aftermarket ecu required or are they able to play with the stock one?

Not new to the honda world been a fan since a child. Owned an 05 acura tsx that was an absolute dream to drive, and maintained the k24s rep as a bulletproof abusable powerhouse all the way past 400k kms until a hit and run claimed her. Bought an Infiniti that turned out to be a lemon so here I am back in the Honda scene with hopes to have the sickest 10th gen in town!
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