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2017 sedan touring thoughts n questions

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Really enjoying this car!
Some observations and questions:
Have Cosmic Blue Metallic car and it looks great with smoke gray aftermarket side markers. Also recommend replacing the reverse lamps with LED projector lensed lights to get the best night vision with the backup camera.

1. What are the holes on the bottom side of the two side mirrors for? Are they for some sensors that are on the car, for lighting or sensors that could be added in the future, or are they just weep holes for water to get out of the mirror?
2. What are the hooks inside the car, at the front side of the back seat passenger windows for?

Still a bit disheartened as this morning I was hit in the front passenger corner by another car changing lanes. Will be asking for lost value compensation. Any advice on issues specific to this car, getting work done right, insuring parts and paint will match, etc?

Roll on Civic pride!!
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Sorry to hear about your accident. I'm not sure about the mirror holes. I'll have to look during the day time to see if the hatchback has them. The hooks by the doors are for garments. To hang up clothes like a suit you don't want wrinkled while traveling.
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