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2017 Touring Sedan

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This is my 3rd Honda. A 01 CBR600F4i and a '03 Accord Coupe EX 4cyl.

Traded an '06 BMW 325i with 70k miles for this. Started a new job with a 450mi/wk commute, mostly rural expressway. Needed, reliability, stable comfy highway ride, great seats, low operating costs, descent range and electronic features a bonus.

My 325i had little of that and I was facing $5k+in upcoming repairs and regular wear items. Maintenance costs of a $45k car... but only worth $6k in trade. Haha.

I will miss the handling, feedback, perfect balance and that sweet inline 6. It wasn't bad on economy getting 30-32mpg on the same commute I get 39-42, but it preferred premium. The 1.5T is as quick or quicker than my BMW too. Bonus. Won't match it in a corner though. But won't eat through brakes and tires every 30k miles.
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