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Just registered as a new member to the forum. Today was at the weld shop and saw the answer to the hitch problem. A draw tite hitch was being modified to fit the civic sport. The receiver was being burned off, along with the two side support flanges. The hitch was attached to the car and a flange was welded to the bar that extended below the two mufflers about 1 inch and exactly in the center of the pipes. A new receiver from curt was welded on the bottom of the flange and sat back about a half inch from the end of the tail pipe. Looked very nice and the flange was 3/8 inch steel and very sturdy. Know this is not for everybody, but I do not want to carry a bike on top or strapped to the car. Pictures and measurements will be coming soon. They drove the car for a period of time and there was very little heat that built up on the flange. The one mod that has to be done is to an aux exhaust bracket(at least on the sport) on the left side of the car. For the bar to fit(using a dremel with cut off blade) notch that bracket leaving about 1/4 inch above and below the bar. Very easy to do.. Again, pictures coming..Thanks for reading
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