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Hey everyone, new here!

Our trusty dusty (actually in great condition) 2012 Civic LX was rear ended a few weeks ago. "Bob" (we name our vehicles) was paid off and had high mileage but we received around $8k from insurance - his condition helped.

Introducing: Gloria! Our new 2018 Civic EX!

I drive Uber and I have been loving Android Auto. However, I tried Waze one day and since then Google Maps has not been displaying the next turn on the instrument cluster (below the speedometer). Waze works, Maps says "waiting for turn by turn from smartphone" or something like that.

Had the dealership look at it, they told me to call Verizon. I'm guessing that they'll say to talk with Honda. Seems like it may be a cache issue or something on the car's Android system. Any suggestions?

I was also disappointed that the head unit has the capability to run Android apks and widgets but seems to be disabled. I watched a video on Honda Hack that showed me how to enable the browser, gallery, etc. But those features disappear after turning off the ignition.

Not sure if Honda Hack will work on the newest version of the head unit or if it's worth it, but I would really like to take advantage of the full capabilities.

So far, after market accessories are a Crosstour dash camera and LED headlights (Opt7 Flux}. Next will probably be a K&N filter and Weathertech mats.



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