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Hey guys, I'm an American living in Thailand and just came home with a new 2018 Civic Turbo RS. Yup, you heard right, not an EX-T or an Si but a RS. It's a unique offering. It's the standard Civic Touring but with the normal sedan body style but with lots of options like the blacked out grille, led headlights and paddle shifters, radar sensors, rain sensors, lane change cam and lots of extras. It lacks the moonroof and heated seats because nobody needs those in Thailand. I've attached some pics so you guys can see. Happy to answer questions about it if you're curious.

BTW, I freaking love this thing. It's so smooth, powerful and comfortable and so much engineering has gone into every little detail. You'd swear that you were in a performance luxury vehicle. And it came with a luxury car price. I paid around $36K US for it so yeah, that's Type R money. Granted, it comes fully loaded and is top of class as far as performance and power goes (In Thailand). So before you go on your rant about how "Only a crackhead would pay that much for a Civic" understand that the market here for cars is very different. A imported Type R goes for $100K US. Top model Accord is $50K US and a C class Mercades starts at $86K US. So there's really nothing faster on the market than a Turbo Civic in it's relative price range. It was either this or pay double the price for a 3-Series or C class so all told, I feel like I got an awesome car at a reasonable price. The base model Civic comes with a 1.8L engine here so the turbo is a big step up as far as power goes. Really impressed with the fuel economy too when you're not lead footing it.

Anyhow, see you guys around.


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